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The Rupes Mille is the most well balanced gear driven dual action polishers on the market today. This Deluxe Kit provides a wide range of the compounds and pads to get you up and running with this best in class tool including:
1 x 250ml Mille Fine Compound
1 x 250ml Mille Course Compound
1 x 500ml P808 Protectant Sealant
1 x Gear Driven Fine 125mm Pad
1 x Gear Driven Course 125mm Pad
1 x 180mm Medium Wool 180mm Pad
1 x 180mm Course Wool 180mm Pad
4 x Micro Fibre Cloths
1 x Claw Pad Tool - Pad Cleaning Brush
1 x LK900E
1 x 125mm Back up Pad
1 x 150mm Back up Pad
1 x Carry Bag
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