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100% Silicone free
Free from Ammonia
Easy to apply, long-lasting gel designed to clean, enhance, and protect plastic and rubber surfaces
Used on unpainted exterior plastics and rubber including bumpers, grills, mirror casings, door seals and tyres.
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Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

Ultra Deep Shine is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear free finish on all paint types particularly dark colours and modern water based finishes. It is particularly recommended for new or moderately deteriorated paintwork. Treated surfaces are protected with a super tough, streak free, high gloss finish.


Autoglym Paint Renovator

Autoglym Paint Renovator is a deep cleaning cream for removing scratches, severe haze and oxidation. It contains carefully blended grades of aluminium oxide powder to give a controllable cutting and polishing action. Use only for the renovation of particular paint defects and not as a general polish.


Autoglym Aqua Wax

Aqua Wax is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet. The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing. Aqua Wax is suitable for all paint types including metallics, as well as rubber, plastic and glass.


Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection

High gloss, protective paintwork sealant. For the perfectionist
Extra Gloss Protection seals and preserves the ultimate finish on clean and pre-polished paintwork. Treated surfaces are protected with a super-tough coating to keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer. Extra Gloss Protection is a non-abrasive protective sealant and contains a complex blend of hard waxes, resins and oils exceptionally resistant to most environmental contaminants and weather conditions. The resultant durable, deep gloss finish is perfect for all types of automotive paintwork including metallics, waterbased and lacquered finishes.


Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner

Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner contains a balanced blend of surface-active ingredients to carefully lift traffic film without harm to polished paintwork and trim. Additional complex ingredients are carried by water and cover the bodywork surfaces by electro-molecular attraction forming a glossy water repellent barrier which protects and beautifies. pH neutral.
Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is suitable for regular maintenance of all vehicle bodywork - especially highly polished surfaces treated with Autoglym Super Resin Polish or Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.


Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Interior Shampoo contains a blend of surface-active ingredients to deep clean, freshen and deodorise, quickly and safely. Ideal for use on all types of synthetic fabric upholstery, carpets, roof linings, vinyl coverings, soft tops and many other surfaces. (For leather trim and upholstery use Autoglym Leather Cleaner).


Autoglym Car Glass Polish

Use to clean and polish bright metal screen surrounds and rubber seals.
Also ideal for commercial vehicles, boats, domestic windows and mirrors.
A clean windscreen and side windows are essential for safe driving. Car Glass Polish contains polishing and cleaning ingredients which remove all stubborn films, both inside and out, restoring optical clarity. The sparkling clean surface eliminates wet weather smearing and wiper blade judder, especially when used in conjunction with Autoglym Screenwash.


Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care

Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care quickly and easily cleans, beautifies and protects, with a high or low sheen finish. Specially blended polymers and emulsifiers gently clean and form a tough but flexible barrier to protect all treated surfaces.


Autoglym Bumper Care

Ideal for removing dried on polish stains. Bumper Care is an easily spreadable gel containing cleaning solvent and sophisticated protective coating agents which provide a tough, translucent, flexible barrier against moisture, atmospheric pollution, traffic film and the ageing/bleaching effects of strong sunlight.


Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner (How To)

Introducing Autoglym's acid free wheel cleaner. This video shows the damage tha acid based cleaners can do to the softer metal used to make custom wheels. It then shows how safe and easy to use Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner is


Autoglym Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner contains specialised cleaning and deodorising agents to safely clean and freshen automotive leather upholstery. Unlike harsher detergents Leather Cleaner has a neutral pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils which keep leather supple and prevent surface cracking. Use in conjunction with Autoglym Leather Care Cream to preserve the life of your leather upholstery.


Autoglym Leather Care Balm

Leather upholstery is very durable providing the essential oils and preservatives are regularly replenished as they get eroded by evaporation and general wear and tear. Leather Care Balm is a carefully blended emulsion containing soaps, natural
oils and polymeric surface proofing agents which nourish, moisturise and provide protection from marks and staining. Regular light treatment will preserve the natural appearance and characteristics of automotive and motorcycle leather, with the added benefit of easy cleaning and ongoing spill protection.


Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner

Engine & Machine Cleaner is a powerful, water based, biodegradable degreaser which rapidly dissolves oil, grease and accumulated grime from engines, components, tools and machinery. Quick and easy spray on, brush and hose off procedure cleans all metal, plastic or rubber components, including surrounding paintwork.
Ideal for cycles and garden tools and equipment, including plastic or metal garden furniture and lawnmowers.


Autoglym High Definition Wax

Designed to be used on fine quality paintwork where the owner wishes to achieve a concours winning shine. High Definition Wax imparts a lustre and depth of shine normally only found on the most expensive hand built cars.


Autoglym High Definition Cleanser

For the ultimate finish use Autoglym High Definition Wax to achieve outstanding high gloss results, offering exceptional resistance to environmental attack.

For perfect results when waxing, it is important to ensure the surface of the paintwork is "deep cleaned" to remove all traces of road grime, bug splatter, old waxes, etc. As regular shampoos and clay don't always remove old films of polish, High Definition Cleanser will effectively remove all surface residues as well as general dust and grime. This will leave a fresh clean surface, ideal for ensuring you get the best possible result, especially if you choose Autoglym High Definition Wax for the final protective finish.


HD Wax in action

This is YouTube users video on the results of HD wax


Autoglym Aqua Dry

Autoglym Aqua Dry Hi-Tech Synthetic Chamois

Leaves paintwork and glass smear free and gleaming


Approx size 0.24m²

AQUA-DRY is specially designed for car bodywork and glass to impart a gleaming smear free finish


Autoglym Alloy Wheel Seal

Alloy Wheel Seal preserves and protects alloy wheels

Use Alloy Wheel Seal to discourage build up of unsightly brake dust. Wheels polished with Alloy Wheel Seal are easier to clean and will stay cleaner for longer.


Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner

Safely dissolves brake dust from chrome, polished aluminium and anodised wheels.

A special blend of biodegradable surfactants, solvents, and alkalis provides a balanced acid-free formulation which rapidly dissolves brake dust, corrosion and traffic film from the most intricate and elaborate wheel designs.
Use as often as necessary. For frequent use dilute with an equal part of water for maximum economy.


Autoglym Odour Eliminator

Provides Active and complete Odour Control

The use of an air freshener can often mask unpleasant odours but will require frequent reapplication to remain effective. Stubborn lingering odours require a more focussed solution.
The advanced odour control formula in Odour Eliminator doesnt freshen or perfume the air, it completely eliminates bad odours from the air and leaves your car with a fresh smelling interior.

Odour Eliminator is effective against cigarette, pet and many other polluting odours.


Autoglym Clean Wheels

A scientifically balanced blend of acidic cleaners, non-ionic surfactant and metal attack inhibitor which rapidly dissolves brake dust corrosion and traffic film to leave wheels sparkling clean.
Use only on lacquered alloy, painted, or plastic finishes.
Use as often as necessary. For frequent use dilute with an equal part of water for maximum economy.


Autoglym Rapid Detailer

This dual purpose product can be used everyday between regular washing to remove dust and fingerprints plus adding further protection to an already
waxed finish.


Autoglym Metal Polish

Autoglym Metal Polish imparts a brilliant long lasting finish on all types of polishable metal.
For use on bumpers, mirrors, hub caps, grilles, headlamp rims, door handles, unlacquered alloy wheels etc.
Wheels, forks, headlamps, hubs, handlebars, plated frames, engine castings, mudguards etc.
Brass or copperware, stainless steel cooking utensils, sinks, taps, door handles and other applications in boats and caravans


Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

Intensive Tar Remover rapidly and safely removes residual contaminants from vehicle paintwork and trim to leave a perfectly cleaned surface. Simply use before routine washing and rinse clean during shampoo process
Also ideal for caravans trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats and mechanical equipment.


Autoglym Fast Glass

Cleans all automobile glass, acrylic, perspex and plastic windows

Fast Glass is a super cleaner free of abrasives, waxes, silicones and leaves no residues.

Ideal for all glass, glass substitutes, mirrors, plastics, paintwork and screens used in car video and navigation equipment.

Quickly and safely removes traffic deposits, dust, insects remains, tree sap, oil, grease, bird droppings and polish stains on paintwork and plastics.

Use generally on all hard surfaces inside and out, i.e. dashboards, doorshuts.


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