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    With its 21mm orbit and its 180mm backing pad, the LHR21 MarkII random orbital polisher is the perfect polisher for working large surface areas. It provides a fast finish, without neglecting the RUPES branded quality. Improved efficiency guarantees more power and torque on every surface. Key features include its ergonomic design; perfect balance, vibration free polishing; electronic speed control; and on-off switch lock.

  • 10-in-1 Trim Tool

    10-in-1 Trim Tool

    10-in-1 Trim Tool featuring:

    1. Molding remover semi- sharp beveled edge;

    2. Windscreen wiper wrench;

    3. Door rubber metal clip inserter;

    4. Door weather strip clip remover;

    5. Door trim bezel clip remove;r

    6. Door handle clip remover;

    7. Headlight spring tool;

    8. Windscreen molding clip remover;

    9. Door rubber plastic clip remover; and

    10.Serrated edge for panel seam clean up.

  • 6

    6" Hook On Palm Orbital Sander

    A quality 5mm orbital sander which provides exceptional value at this price. Features dust extraction capability.

  • Jonnesway SUPER TECH Series

    Jonnesway SUPER TECH Series

    The revolutionary "SUPER TECH" One-Drive Fits All Solution for all your fastening needs! Manufactured from high quality materials including Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V4), Molybdenum and Tungsten, the Jonnesway "SUPER TECH" ONE DRIVE technology accomodates 7 different types of nuts and bolts. Contact on nuts and bolts are evenly distributed across flat surfaces instead of the corners and points, the way other all-in-one drive systems operate. This protects the nuts and prevents rounding. 

    The SUPER TECH system fits Metric 6pt, Metric 12pt, SAE 6pt, SAE 12PT, E-Torx, Spline, Square & 50% rounded off nuts and bolts. This eliminates the need to carry multiple tool sets.

  • V3 Mini LVLP Gravity Gun

    V3 Mini LVLP Gravity Gun

    A fully drop forged body, lightweight, exceptionally balanced gravity gun with high transfer efficiency and ultra fine atomisation. Full parts backup available.

    Atomising Pressure:15~19 psi.

    Air Consumption: 100~150 l/min.

    Min Recommended compressor: 3~4.5 cfm.

    Pot Capacity: 250ml.

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